Eva Ruiz has explored various sections of art: acrylic painting, photography, sculptures, installations and dance. Currently she mainly expresses her creativity in photography.


The work of Eva Ruiz is influenced by important personal impressions and experiences living in the United States, Mexico and Austria and traveling in Australia, Asia, Middle and North America and Europe.


In addition to several contemporary dance performances in Mexico and Austria, Eva Ruiz has participated in group exhibitions in Austria: Loftlinx07 at Wüster Kunsthallen Pitten and Atelierrundgang Q202. As well her work had been shown at Kultursommer Schloss Stixenstein in Austria.


Eva Ruiz started photographing with 18 years when she received an analog mirror camera for her graduation from school. Her camera accompanied her wherever she went, especially to hold on the moments of her curiousity regarding other cultures, countries and people.


Over the past years Eva Ruiz augmented her knowledge in photography, putting lots of energy, love and time in it, especially through attending an education in Applied and Fine Art Photography at Prager Fotoschule Österreich in Upper Austria for two and a half years. Her passion lies in portrait photography, landscape and travel photography, photojournalism and particularly in art and concert photography.


Master Degree in Psychology - University of Vienna

Applied and Fine Art Photography - Prager Fotoschule Österreich